HVCN New Account Request Form

This is a NON-FUNCTIONAL demo version of a web page to be used to request your own personal account on HVCN.

Account Identification

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Each HVCN account must have a unique login name of no more than 8 characters. If the account you have selected is already in use, you will be given a chance to select another one.

Personal Information

The rest of this form asks you for various personal information. All of this information is optional. It's a nice way to let other HVCN users know a little bit about you. If you choose, it can be kept private so only the system administrators will be able see it. All of these fields are optional.

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If this demo were a functioning form, the following paragraph would apply:

If this form is submitted filled out accurately with a legitimate mailing address, then you will shortly receive an HVCN contract in the mail. Your account will be created and activated within a few days after you sign the contract and return it to HVCN.