The Board of Directors

The members of the current board of directors are:

The HVCN board meets irregularly, and these meetings are open to the public. They do vary in time and place, but this information is posted online in the HVCN Meetings Page. The meetings page also contains a posting of the approved minutes and treasurer's reports from all HVCN meetings.

To contact the board, send e-mail to: webmaster@hvcn.org.

The HVCN Technical Committee

This committee is responsible for the technical operation of the hardware and software. The current members of the Technical Committee are:

If you would like to volunteer to work on the committee, or just have a comment, you can send e-mail to: webmaster@hvcn.org.

Official HVCN Documents

Since HVCN is organized as an open public organization, we are endeavoring to keep all of our documents available for the public to read. You can now read HVCN's:
Last modified September 4, 2006