Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners

Washtenaw County is governed by a Board of Commissioners who represent each of the fifteen (15) districts in the county. All terms expire in December, 1996.

Regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners of Washtenaw County take place on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:15 PM. The meetings are held in the Board Room of the Administration Bldg, which is 220 N. Main Street.

Meetings may be confirmed by calling 995-3055.

District # and Commissioner

1       Joseph Yekulis Jr.     (R) Chelsea    475-7031
2       Lawrence Yapp          (R) Ann Arbor  481-8990
3       Richard Delong         (R) Dexter     665-5592
4       Carlos J. Acevedo      (D) Ann Arbor  994-6355
5       Barbara Levin Bergman  (D) Ann Arbor  996-5891
6       Raymond Schultz        (R) Ypsilanti  483-1370
7       Marlene Chockley       (R) Ypsilanti  434-7389
8       Michael J. DuRussel    (R) Manchester 428-7242
9       Grace Shackman         (D) Ann Arbor  662-2187
10    * P. Christina Montague  (D) Ann Arbor  662-9908
11      Dave Monforton         (D) Ann Arbor  662-6226
12      Meri Lou Murray        (D) Ann Arbor  971-6828
13    * Albert A. Robinson         Ypsilanti
14      Suzanne Shaw           (D) Ypsilanti  483-7314
15      Dillard Roy Craiger    (D) Ypsilanti  483-2672

* not shown in picture.

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