1998 General Election Results

Governor Engler was reelected in a landslide victory. Republican Secretary of State, Candice Miller, was also reelected by a wide margin. Democratic candidate Jennifer Granholm was elected as attorney general. Other sites contain more complete results of Statewide and Nationwide elections.

Washtenaw County

Unofficial Local Election Results

With all precincts in Washtenaw County reporting, the following table shows the unofficial first and second place results in contested elections. For more complete results, please check the State and County election information sites. For races that extend beyond the county, vote totals listed here are complete, not limited to Washtenaw County.

(*) indicates incumbent, (R) Republican, (D) Democrat, (L) Libertarian

US Congress, 7th DistrictNick Smith (R*)103,127Jim Berryman (D)71,952
US Congress, 8th DistrictDebbie Stabenow (D*)120,933Susan G. Munsell (R)80,063
US Congress, 13th DistrictLynn Rivers (D*)95,456Tom Hickey (R)64,870
State Senate, 17th DistrictBeverly Hammerstrom (R)41,736Lynn Owen (D)35,258
State Senate, 18th DistrictAlma W. Smith (D*)52,975John Hochstetler (R)32,179
State Rep. 52nd DistrictJohn Hansen (D)18,567Julie Knight (R)15,497
State Rep. 53rd DistrictElizabeth Brater (R*)17,201Garret Carlson (D)7,881
State Rep. 54th DistrictRuth A. Jamnick (D)13,466Tom Banks (R)7,245
State Rep. 55th DistrictGene DeRossett (R)17,628Donald Earhart (D)11,127
County Commissioner, 1Joseph Yekulis (R*)5,617Wendy E. Burkhardt (D)2,953
County Commissioner, 2Martha Kern (D*)3,655Ralph Sidney (R)3,499
County Commissioner, 4Carlos Acevedo (D*)4,087George Milroy (R)3,061
County Commissioner, 7Marlene Chockley (R*)4,378Christina Lirones (D)3,770
County Commissioner, 12Leah Gunn (D*)4,199Ken Dignan (R)2,052
County Commissioner, 14Suzanne Shaw (D*)2,214Ann Savickas (R)1,289
Mayor, Ann ArborIngrid Sheldon (R*)17,648Chris Kolb (D)16,944
Ward 2, Ann ArborJoe Upton (R)3,846Kurt Verhoff (L)825
Ward 3, Ann ArborJean Carleberg (D*)5,088J.P. DeMoyer (L)592
Mayor, SalineGretchen Driskell1,624Rick Kuss (*)1,057
Prop. 1 - Land PreservationNO52,440YES38,706
Prop. 2 - Service Center RenovationsNO53,314YES35,273
Dexter Twp. - Fire Dept. Prop.YES1,159NO906
Saline Twp. - Increase Board to 4YES920NO809
WCC proposalYES49,133NO39,150

Washtenaw Community College Trustees (2 seats)
Mary Schroer46,288
Mary E. Branch29,891
William J. Davis, Jr.27,690

Saline City Council (3 seats)
Mary L. Hess (*)1,579
Charles R. Herbert1,483
Alicia Ping Smilde1,305
Joseph D. Fryman, Jr. (*)1,028
Daniel J. Lord907

Lodi Township Trustees (2 seats)
Donald Rentschler1,318
Jack Foley1,254
Rachel Lindemann724
Christopher Loftus483

Ypsilanti District Library Trustees (4 seats)
Linda Alexander (*)5,396
Rick Roe4,543
Linda Gurka4,507
Helen C. Vick (*)4,440
Carolyn A Minot4,131
Jean S. Nelson (*)4,103
Mayme L. Johnson3,777
Constance M. Novak3,384
Nicholas Panzica2,201

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