Scio Residents for Safe Water
Take Action

Volunteer your time to protect area water supplies from dioxane pollution

SRSW often needs new volunteers to help keep the community informed about the state of the Pall-Gelman groundwater contamination, ongoing cleanup attempts, and impacts on area water supplies.

SRSW performs the following tasks as volunteer time allows:

  • Staff SRSW booths at area community events
  • Keep SRSW-supplied materials organized and up-to-date at the public library
  • Deliver SRSW updates at various City, County, and Township council, commission, and board meetings
  • Publicize and prepare for DNRE public hearings/public meetings
  • Generate SRSW newsletters
  • Create video presentations to inform public and decision makers about past and present cleanup issues
  • Produce maps and charts to help decision makers understand issues
  • Review all report submittals from the DNRE and Pall
  • Review and analyze all cleanup and plume sampling data
  • Keep a comprehensive database on the Pall/Gelman contamination and cleanup
  • Review reports with local government policy makers, administration, and technical staff
  • Issue email alerts and press releases
  • Maintain SRSW website
  • Write editorial page articles and letters to the editor to keep the community informed
  • Work with news people and editorial boards to keep the facts straight and on target
  • Keep a library of archival information
  • Provide information about residential well testing for homeowners
  • Answer questions from existing and potential homeowners
  • Keep membership records and process membership fees
  • Manage special fundraising efforts as needed
  • Liaison with other environmental groups facing similar challenges

    Help keep your neighbors informed

Become a neighborhood contact to inform others in your area about our efforts to demand that Pall/Gelman do an effective, protective, and community-acceptable cleanup of the polluted groundwater and prevent further contamination.

If you can help in any way, call SRSW Co-Chair Roger Rayle at 734-761-8932 or email him at rmrayle at gmail dot com ... or come to a CARD meeting.