Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting

May 4, 1997

Board Members Present: Arnold Barr (Chair), Ed Hayes (Treasurer), Keith Stanger (Secretary), Steve Weiss
Community Members Present: Greg Winterhalter

The meeting was held at the Washtenaw County Library and was called to order at 2:01p.m. by Mr. Barr.

Mr. Hayes posted the financial report for the period ending April 30, 1997 on the HVCN web site. He received an invoice from the Isthmus Corporation for $19.08 for the use of a modem line during the month of April. A hand-written note on the invoice indicated that this was the last bill for a modem line. (Isthmus terminated HVCN’s service—see below.) Mr. Hayes said he would pay the bill.

Mr. Weiss reported that on April 24, 1997 the Isthmus Corporation unexpectedly turned off HVCN’s Internet service. At the April 20, 1997 HVCN Board meeting, attended by Isthmus Corporation president Sandy Walke, it was agreed that the two organizations would try to work out their differences by May 1, 1997.

Mr. Weiss secured the use of a very underpowered computer—a Macintosh II CI, 25 Mhz model with 8Mb of RAM. Mr. Weiss installed on the machine a free version of UNIX—netbsd—as well as a fairly up-to-date mirror of the HVCN site. The machine is installed at the Washtenaw County Annex Building on 4th Avenue in Ann Arbor attached to an Internet connection jointly owned by Washtenaw County and the City of Ann Arbor. Permission to attach at this site was obtained with the help of HVCN Board members Mary Udoji and Rebecca Head. Washtenaw County Information Services provided a hub needed to attach the HVCN machine. The support of Al Johnson, head of Washtenaw County Information Services was invaluable, as was the technical assistance provided by Doug Perlin, a Washtenaw County Information Services technical wizard. Mr. Barr volunteered to draft a formal letter of thanks to Mr. Johnson and Mr. Perlin on behalf of the entire HVCN Board. To attach to the Internet at this site also required that HVCN be a Community Service Affiliate (CSA) of Merit. The Board authorized Mr. Hayes to pay the $1000 CSA fee when the Merit invoice arrived. Merit is also providing HVCN’s domain name service. Mr. Weiss said Merit was owed many thanks for facilitating the paper work for HVCN’s CSA status and for handling the tricky HVCN domain name change with the Internic. On April 30, 1997 after 3 p.m. the HVCN server went online—<>. This machine and its location represent a temporary situation for HVCN. It was agreed that no dial-in modems could be attached at this site (which would be necessary to provide the range of community services HVCN envisions). In addition, higher-end equipment is also needed to support the services of a community network. Mr. Weiss noted that by not being a virtual host, as it was when HVCN was attached at the Isthmus Corporation, new system capabilities were available. Mr. Weiss created two classes of accounts: staff accounts, with shell access and ftp-only accounts. Mr. Weiss also added mail capability to the machine. Mail is currently processed for Mr. Barr ( and Mr. Weiss ( The Board passed a resolution offered by Mr. Barr that authorized him to draw up a written lease between HVCN and Mr. Weiss for the use of Mr. Weiss’s Macintosh computer. HVCN will pay Mr. Weiss $1.00 per year for the use of his computer equipment.

The Board passed a resolution offered by Mr. Barr thanking Mr. Weiss for the extraordinary amount of work he put into making the transition from the Isthmus-based server to the Washtenaw County Information Services-based server. HVCN and the community it serves are extremely fortunate to have in their corner Mr. Weiss’s vision, spirit, and technical expertise.

Mr. Barr reported that the Library of Michigan approved a grant to the Ypsilanti District Library for a total of $55,000. Six thousand dollars of that is to go to HVCN to work with the Ypsilanti Historical Museum to digitize materials and to set up a Museum web page.

Mr. Barr reported that he got a call from Laura Fry of Pittsfield Township government. She had not received anything from the UM School of Information students she thought were working on material for the Township’s web presence. Mr. Barr obtained from Ms. Fry the material she had given the UM students. Mr. Barr said he would work with Ms. Fry and also ask Dan Romanchik if he might be able to help the Township develop its initial web pages. Mr. Weiss observed that the demonstration web pages he developed for the Pittsfield Township Recreation Department were stored and available on the HVCN server.

Mr. Barr noted he met Greg Winterhalter at the March 9, 1997 HVCN Board meeting. At that time, Mr. Winterhalter expressed an interest in helping HVCN market its services. Mr. Barr and Mr. Winterhalter met May 1, 1997 for a number of hours to discuss HVCN’s marketing possibilities. Mr. Winterhalter distributed and reviewed an outline of the points he discussed with Mr. Barr. It was agreed to start an item on the HVCN Backtalk conference on the purpose/vision of HVCN.

The next meeting was scheduled for Sunday, June 1, 1997 at 2:00 p.m. at the Washtenaw County Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger, Secretary