Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting
February 8, 1995

Board Members Present:
Arnold Barr (Chair), Jennie Meyer Howard, Jeff Ogden, Keith Stanger (Secretary), Mary Udoji, Linda Vengroff
Community Members Present:
Dan Romanchik

The meeting was held in the Big Boy Restaurant on Washtenaw in front of the Fountain Plaza Shopping Center and was called to order at 7:27 a.m. Mr. Barr distributed an agenda and asked for (and received) Board waiver of notice of time, place, and subject of the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting of January 25, 1995 were approved. Mr. Stanger asked that a separate mailing list be established comprised of just the members of the Board so that drafts of minutes could be distributed for review before they are considered at Board meetings. Once approved, the Minutes would be posted on the HVCN mailing list. Mr. Barr said he would ask Lance Sloan to set up a mailing list limited to HVCN Board members. Ms. Howard asked that separate mailing lists be established for each of the HVCN working committees. Mr. Barr distributed a copy of the Treasurer's report that was faxed to him by the treasurer, Ed Hayes. The Board approved the report.

Mr. Barr reported that he was about 98% finished preparing an application to file with the Michigan Attorney General's office for a license to solicit charitable contributions. The Board authorized Mr. Barr to file the application upon completion. Mr. Barr reported that he had kept in contact with David Wilkins, a reporter for the Ann Arbor News assigned to develop a bulletin board system with the Ann Arbor Public schools. Ms. Udoji had forwarded information to Mr. Wilkins about technology developments at the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. Mr. Barr said he wanted to get a Washtenaw County banker involved in the community network project. Ms. Vengroff said she would contact a banker known to her and Mr. Barr.

Ms. Howard reported that Jack Etsweiler, an award-winning producer for Ann Arbor Community Access TV, volunteered to produce a video for HVCN. Mr. Etsweiler was reviewing the video of the Heartland Free-Net. Ms. Howard said that an association of freelance designers that meets monthly agreed to design a HVCN logo. Ms. Howard will develop and give to the design group an HVCN prospectus. Ms. Howard stated that she was working on a 1-page membership application form.

Mr. Stanger distributed a draft of the slides to be presented to the Board of the Friends of the Ann Arbor Public Library on Monday, February 13, 1995. Various suggestions were made to improve the presentation. Mr. Barr agreed to set up a meeting with Lana Straight, Acting Co-Director of the Ann Arbor Public Library, to review the points to be covered at the AAPL Friends Board meeting.

Jeff Ogden reported that the HVCN Technical Committee met face to face--Mr. Ogden, Dan Romanchik, Lance Sloan, Steve Weiss, and Steve Gibbard. The group sketched out the capabilities of a system they desired. Mr. Ogden said that Mr. Sloan agreed to be convener of the Technical Committee.

Mr. Barr reported that the Genesee Free-Net sponsored a charter membership drive where they asked $100 per charter membership; they raised $50,000 very quickly. Mr. Barr suggested that the HVCN Fundraising Committee consider organizing such a charter membership initiative and he volunteered to help. The suggestion was made to talk to Joan Durrance about community development grants.

Mr. Barr announced that Jesse O'Jack, an attorney, was interested in serving on the Community Outreach Committee and on the Policy/Rules Committee. Mr. Barr also said that Joet Reoma, of Concordia College, wanted to serve on the Community Outreach Committee. Mr. Barr stated that he was still looking for suggestions for volunteers to serve on HVCN committees.

Ms. Howard said we should update the list of people interested in the Community Network that was developed last summer. Ms. Udoji has the original list and said she would work on it. Mr. Barr said he would help and would engage the other Community Outreach Committee members as well. Mr. Ogden observed that any mailing or communication with interested persons should not only tell where the project is, but also ask for specific action--money, committee service.

Mr. Barr said that Joan Durrance arranged for e-mail accounts for some people in the Ann Arbor Public Library. He said he would ask Ms. Durrance if it was possible to provide David Wilkins of the Ann Arbor News with an account as well. Dan Romanchik said that if people wanted e-mail accounts they could connect to the GREX system.

Ms. Howard announced that EMU did not have at this time any disk space available for prototype work on the community network.

Mr. Barr said that he and Dan Romanchik had talked about the need for providing user training. Mr. Ogden distinguished three types of training: 1) how to connect to the system (hardware/software); 2) how to use the system; and, 3) how organizations can put information into the system. Ms. Howard observed that we shouldn't repeat the mistake made last summer of showing people how to use a system that was not really ready for use. All agreed that it would be appropriate to outline what needed to be done and to start giving consideration to our training activities.

Mr. Ogden estimated that about $30,000 would be necessary for the HVCN to get online. About $20,000 of that would be for a computer system, Internet connectivity, and some dial-in modem lines. All agreed that if we could get a system online, it would help with fundraising efforts. Mr. Romanchik said that ITI had offered to donate to GREX some Sun 3 workstations. Mr. Romanchik wondered if HVCN might borrow these machines to get a system online. Mr. Ogden thought there might be some computer security problems with that model Sun workstation. Mr. Romanchik said he would forward information about the machines to the HVCN Technical Committee.

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, February 16, 1995 at 7:15 a.m. in EMU's McKenny Union.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger,