Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting
March 29, 1995

Board Members Present:
Arnold Barr (Chair), Ed Hayes (Treasurer), Rebecca Head, Jennie Meyer Howard, Keith Stanger (Secretary), Mary Udoji, Linda Vengroff
Community Members Present:
Lemuel Amen

The meeting was held in Eastern Michigan University's McKenny Union and was called to order at 7:15 a.m. Mr. Barr distributed an agenda.

Mr. Stanger distributed the minutes of the March 22, 1995 meeting; approval was deferred until the next meeting.

Mr. Hayes reported that over $1,000 was in the HVCN bank account.

Ms. Howard created a World Wide Web home page to provide information about the progress of HVCN organizational efforts-- She asked the Board to look at it and provide comments.

Ms. Vengroff, leading the effort to write an application for a grant from the Department of Commerce's Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP), observed that as part of the preparation process, we have been successful in building a network of community partnerships. Ms. Vengroff mentioned a 1-year program at Concordia College that certifies computer-use trainers. She suggested focusing the grant request on providing computer-use training for underserved communities and mentioned some sites that Concordia College, the Learning Community Coalition, and a group called Community Partnerships were already involved with--2 sites in community centers, 2 sites in elementary schools, 2 sites in middle schools, and one site at Stone School's adult education program. The grant request would include facilitating access to electronic-based local information as well as regional, national, and international information available on the Internet.

Ms. Howard reported that Charles Roth, of Camber-Roth, developer of the Caucus conferencing system software, agreed to donate to HVCN a new product he is working on--the Caucus conferencing system with a World Wide Web interface. Mr. Barr suggested including this in the TIIAP grant application as a small business matching donation.

Ms. Howard reported that she was unsure of the status of the TIIAP grant application that EMU was working on involving geographic information systems.

Mr. Barr reported that he attended a meeting of a group of people interested in setting up an Ann Arbor area home page on the World Wide Web. He said he would continue to follow their evolution.

Mr. Barr introduced a question for the Board to think about. When the HVCN membership and dues structures were established, we did not consider the existing computer systems in the community, such as GREX and Arbornet. For example, GREX has a suggested user fee of $6/month or $60/year. The HVCN's membership dues is $25/year and use of many of its services is intended to be free. Mr. Barr asked if these rate differences for Internet access would hurt the existing community computer systems. Mr. Barr said he thought it was in HVCN's interest that these existing systems survive.

Mr. Barr said he was planning to attend an Arbornet Board meeting on Sunday, April 2, 1995 at 5 p.m. at the New Center Building in Ann Arbor. He intended to provide them with a copy of the HVCN's 501(c)(3) application and to answer questions about the HVCN. Mr. Barr reported that he met with the Board of Directors of GREX. He offered them a copy of HVCN's 501(c)(3) application and answered questions about the HVCN.

Mr. Barr reported that he met with Sanford Walke, president of Isthmus, a commercial Internet consulting and provider organization. Isthmus runs, a commercial Internet access network.

Mr. Barr said he and Ms. Udoji would continue to work on fundraising and membership ideas.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 1995 at 7:00 a.m. at Eastern Michigan University's McKenny Union.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger, Secretary