Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting
May 31, 1995

Board Members Present:
Arnold Barr (Chair), Ed Hayes (Treasurer), Jennie Meyer Howard, Keith Stanger (Secretary), Mary Udoji
Community Members Present:
Lemuel Amen

The meeting was held in Eastern Michigan University's McKenny Union and was called to order at 7:22 a.m. The minutes of the meeting of May 24, 1995 were approved as submitted.

Ms. Howard suggested that we invite groups of Washtenaw County community leaders to presentations about the concept/value of community networks. The meetings could be held in Eastern Michigan University's electronic classroom (Room 102 - University Library), which has 20 workstations running Netscape connected to the Internet. She thought that the Institute for Community and Regional Development (ICARD), which has credibility with local governments, might help sponsor the events. These meetings would serve to both inform the attendees and to encourage sponsorship-level donations to HVCN. The attendees could also convey the services and needs of HVCN to others in their communities. Ms. Howard suggested that in addition, we develop the equivalent of a barnraising for an HVCN fundraising jump-start. We should set the date of the HVCN barnraising event before we meet with the community leaders, so the leaders could carry the information back to their communities. Mr. Stanger and Ms. Udoji agreed to help Ms. Howard plan the events. Ms. Udoji said that the centrally located Washtenaw County Library could accommodate about 100 people. Ms. Howard, Mr. Stanger and Ms. Udoji set a meeting for June 7, 1995 at 2:30 p.m. in the Washtenaw County Library to start planning the events. Other Board members were welcome to attend.

Mr. Barr reported that he was working on revising the HVCN business plan and also on drafting a contract with the Isthmus Corporation for network support services. Mr. Barr distributed copies of the draft contract outline he sent to the HVCN Board as well as an email message from Steve Weiss, chair of the HVCN Technical Committee, regarding some technical considerations that needed to be addressed in an HVCN/Isthmus Corporation partnership. Mr. Barr pointed out that the relationship with Isthmus was contingent on HVCN raising money for some modems and telephone lines at Isthmus Corporation. He observed that the wonderful thing was that HVCN needed to raise much less money to get online if it took advantage of the generous support of the Isthmus Corporation.

Ms. Howard said she wanted to add to the contract with Isthmus Corporation a statement that Isthmus system administrators couldn't go into HVCN files without the consent of an authorized HVCN representative.

Ms. Howard observed that she favored having a mix of both private and Merit modems for access to HVCN services. We might target ten Merit modems (costing about $1,100 per modem plus $38/line/month plus a $1,200 annual fee for Merit affiliation). Given the developing relationship with the Isthmus Corporation, perhaps the first fund-raiser could be for modems.

Mr. Barr reported that the three students from the University of Michigan's School of Information and Library Studies who chose to work with the HVCN for their class project will be developing a world wide web home page for the League of Women Voters. Lemuel Amen reported that three SILS students chose to work with Washtenaw County's Environmental Interest Group to develop a www home page.

Mr. Barr proposed that Mr. Amen be added to the HVCN Board mailing list. Ms. Howard suggested adding Mr. Amen to the HVCN Board of Directors. All present thought it was a good idea and resolved to vote on the issue at the next Board meeting.

Lana Straight, of the Ann Arbor Public Library and HVCN's Advisory Council, had expressed interest in working on HVCN's home page. Ms. Howard said that she would get in touch with Ms. Straight.

Mr. Amen asked about the discussion of a few weeks ago of reworking the Wastenaw Information Networks (WIN) grant application for submission to other grant-giving agencies. Mr. Barr said that Mr. Amen might discuss this with Ms. Vengroff and the others who worked on the WIN grant application. Mr. Hayes observed that at this time the HVCN Board needed to concentrate its energy on making HVCN services a reality and not just a dream. Then we would have something to bring to the WIN partnership with grex. Mr. Barr said that if the HVCN Board could get HVCN funded locally and if the WIN group ( which includes some active HVCN Board members) seeks external funding for WIN, it would be a "win-win" situation.

Regarding an acceptable use policy (AUP) for HVCN, Ms. Howard said we should make use of MichNet's policy and add as an addendum anything else we think we might need. Ms. Howard said she would bring copies of the MichNet AUP to the next meeting.

Mr. Barr asked how the HVCN might help the Ypsilanti District Library. Ms. Howard pointed out that with MichNet's new authentication policy, library users will need accounts to connect with MichNet-accessible resources. Since libraries are not set up to manage such accounts, one way the community network could assist libraries was in providing authentication accounts for public library users.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, June 7, 1995 at 7:00 a.m. at Eastern Michigan University's McKenny Union.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger, Secretary