Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting
November 9, 1995

Board Members Present:
Arnold Barr (Chair), Ed Hayes (Treasurer), Rebecca Head, Keith Stanger (Secretary)
Community Members Present:
Karen Schneider, Lana Straight, Steven Weiss

The meeting was held at the Washtenaw County Library and was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Mr. Barr, who distributed an agenda. The Board waived notice of time, place and subject of the meeting.

Mr. Hayes distributed a financial report for the period ending October 31, 1995, which was approved by the Board. Mr. Weiss will work with Mr. Hayes on getting the financial reports on the HVCN web site ( Mr. Hayes reported that he would be heading to Florida on November 21 and that Mr. Stanger would have the HVCN bank stamp and deposit slips.

Mr. Barr said he wanted to establish a goal of raising a minimum of $10,000 by December 31, 1995. He indicated that he wanted to get some HVCN modems up as well as take advantage of the pledge by Jeff Ogden to donate $1,000 if the HVCN raised $10,000 by December 31. Mr. Barr distributed copies of a document discussing political campaign fundraising that he thought would be useful.

Mr. Barr distributed a draft of a newsletter he developed in February 1995. He thought HVCN should work on getting out a print newsletter. Ms. Straight agreed to help him.

Mr. Barr observed that the Board was in a transitional period. Jennie Meyer Howard resigned from the Board in October 1995, but was willing to serve as an advisor to Mr. Barr. Linda Vengroff has not attended a Board meeting in many months. Mr. Barr said he would ask Ms.Vengroff if she wanted to continue on the Board. Mr. Barr suggested that the Board consider asking Lana Straight and Barbara Clarke to serve on the HVCN Board of Directors.

Mr. Weiss reported that he moved pages developed by UM School of Information (SI) students from the SI web site to the HVCN web site. Sites that pointed to the UM SI location needed to be updated to point to HVCN, where the most current information resides. Karen Schneider, a doctoral student at UM SI, said she was the contact person for putting up web notices indicating that a UM SI site had moved.

Mr. Weiss reported that he added a Religion InfoCenter to the HVCN web site. Mr. Hayes reported that the synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church was in the process of designing a web home page and intended to encourage individual churches to develop pages as well. Mr. Weiss observed that HVCN wanted to provide "free parking" for such organizational pages in Washtenaw County. It was agreed that if the synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church could not find a suitable site for its home page in Wayne County (e.g., Detroit Comnet or Detroit Free-Net), HVCN would provide space for the church's home page. Mr. Barr noted that HVCN needs content providers to help build a base of support to generate financial contributions to fund HVCN.

Mr. Weiss said he had not yet configured an HVCN account to demonstrate dial-up capabilities. HVCN paid Isthmus Corporation $300 to purchase and set up a modem that could be used to test the dial-in function. The modem has never worked.

Mr. Barr reported that he was contacted by a local cross-country ski group that is also a non-profit organization, about putting up a page on the HVCN site. Mr. Weiss said that when he had some time he wanted to start an HVCN Recreation InfoCenter. Ms. Schneider said she would look at UM SI for some recreation web pages that were developed a few years ago by some UM SI students. Mr. Barr reported that he was contacted by the Raisin River Land Trust, a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization. Three e-mail accounts were activated for the organization, courtesy of the Isthmus Corporation.

Mr. Barr said he planned to contact Michelle Hurlahe at EMU's Institute for Community and Regional Development (ICARD) about the mailing list for the HVCN fund raiser that ICARD agreed to lend its name to.

Ms. Head agreed to help Mary Udoji modify the fundraising brochure originally developed by Jennie Meyer Howard. Mr. Barr distributed a copy of Ms. Howard's brochure. It was agreed that this was a high priority project.

Mr. Barr said he would work with Ms. Udoji on contacting the people who attended the Summer 1994 community network fundraising brainstorming session.

Karen Schneider reported that she was part of a team working on updating the community networking home page at UM SI. She expressed interest in having library school students see what was involved in setting up and marketing a community network and she observed that HVCN was right at hand. Mr. Barr suggested that perhaps UM SI students could help train the HVCN html trainers.

Mr. Weiss noted that as the HVCN web site pointed to more materials, attention would need to be paid to the organization and style of the web pages. HVCN itself should have an integrated style. Ms. Schneider said she was working on a paper that reviewed graphical interfaces for community networks. Ms. Schneider and Ms. Straight agreed to present recommendations to Mr. Weiss on style considerations for the HVCN site.

Mr. Weiss said that the InfoCenters he created on the HVCN web site were intended to demonstrate organizational possibilities, and he fully expected others to take responsibility for reformatting, maintaining, and creating HVCN InfoCenters.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, December 6, 1995 at 4:00 p.m. in the Ann Arbor Public Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger, Secretary