Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting
December 15, 1996

Board Members Present:
Arnold Barr (Chair), Ed Hayes (Treasurer), Keith Stanger (Secretary), Mary Udoji, Steve Weiss (Chair, HVCN Technical Committee)

The meeting was held at the Washtenaw County Library and was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by Mr. Barr, who distributed an agenda. The Board waived notice of time, place and subject of the meeting. The minutes of the meeting of October 10, 1996 were approved.

The HVCN financial report for the period ending November 30, 1996, posted by e-mail by the Treasurer, were approved by the Board.

Discussion revealed agreement that initial fundraising efforts should focus on "founders"--individuals with financial means who share HVCN's vision for a community network, as well as non-profit organizations that currently and potentially will benefit from HVCN's existence. Mr. Barr and Mr. Hayes agreed to meet on Tuesday, December 17 to discuss a fundraising brochure. The Board agreed it was willing to spend money to create a quality brochure.

Mr. Weiss said he was doing research to put up a Transportation InfoCenter and a Recreation InfoCenter on the HVCN web site. He reported that the Backtalk conferencing system had been working on Grex for about a month.

Mr. Barr reported that he attended an ICAN (Interactive Community Access Network of Washtenaw County) meeting at EMU's Depot Town Center on Friday, December 13. In addition to Mr. Barr, Ann Harris (ICAN Chair), Dale Rice, Paula Baker, and two people from Washtenaw Community College were in attendance. Mr. Barr said he would be working with Ann Harris to put together an executive summary of ICAN's collaborative activities.

The Board approved a policy that private conferences could be set up for nonprofit organizations in HVCN's service region that maintained an organizational HVCN membership at the level of $100.00 per year. If a nonprofit organization requested anonymity for its members in a private conference, it was agreed that the organization could be given the responsibility registering its users in the conference.

The next Board meeting was scheduled for Sunday, January 5, 1997 at 2:00 p.m. at the Washtenaw County Library. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger, Secretary