Huron Valley Community Network
Board of Directors Meeting
December 16, 1994

Board Members Present:
Michael Todd Glazier, Jeff Ogden, Ed Hayes (Treasurer, Ex-Officio Board Member), Keith Stanger (Secretary, Ex-Officio Board Member)
Community Members Present:
Arnold D. Barr, Jesse O'Jack

The meeting was held at the Washtenaw County Annex building and was called to order at 5:45 p.m.

There was some discussion of domain names for the community network— and It was agreed to register the name Mr. Glazier said that Jennie Howard was going to send him the names of two domain name server administrators to put on the application for a domain name. Mr. Glazier said he would call Ms. Howard.

The treasurer, Mr. Hayes, announced he would be out of town for a few weeks. The secretary, Mr. Stanger, took the bank stamp and deposit slips. The account is with NBD, Campus Branch. Mr. Hayes' email address—

Mr. Barr observed that two key dates have been tentatively set: February 5, 1995 for a kickoff fund-raiser and February 13, 1995 for a presentation to the Board of the Friends of the Ann Arbor Public Library. Mr. Ogden commented that we should probably assume that we won't have a machine that can demonstrate a prototype of our community network and that we should develop a presentation around an operational community network that we like that can serve as an example of what we want to do. Any prototype we developed would be relatively empty, while a functioning community network would be dynamic and alive. It would serve as a demonstration of what we want to accomplish, but do not yet have the resources to bring to life.

Mr. Glazier said he was just about finished with the description of the requirements for a system that would allow us to bring the community network online. Mr. Ogden suggested that Mr. Glazier forward the description he had to Joet Reoma at Concordia College, who might be able to provide a loaner machine.

Mr. Glazier asked if the Board had any problem with taking a contribution to support the community network from Playboy. Mr. Ogden said that if there were no strings attached and it was not our first contribution or only contribution [ :-) ], he thought it would be okay. Mr. Ogden was sensitive to perception issues about the Internet and sex and children; the Playboy name could arouse concern in some people. Mr. Glazier said he would express the Board's interest in a Playboy contribution to the Playboy representative he knows.

Mr. Barr asked when we would need the texts of such things as a registration form, formal membership agreement, and acceptable use policy. Mr. Ogden said that a committee of members should help draft an acceptable use policy. Mr. Ogden stated that in addition to signing up members at the kickoff, we needed to sign up volunteers. At the kickoff we will need to explain our hopes for the system, sign up members, and sign up volunteers to help. Mr. Stanger said that Mary Udoji had a list of the committees developed at a prior organizational meeting.

Mr. Ogden warned that we should not promise what we might not be able to deliver—a working community network. We must make it clear that people will be signing up to help start an organization, which, if successful, will deliver an operational community network. We want people to join, and to be part of, and to help create the envisioned community service. Mr. Barr asked what if we don't raise enough money to start the network? The consensus seemed to be to position the kickoff as a meeting to start gathering funds and sign up volunteers to create the community network. However, unlike at the first organizational meeting, the framework for our charitable status [501(c)(3)] has been set. People who become members will be risking the possibility that the community efforts will not succeed.

Mr. Ogden said that before we hold the kickoff we need to set up a regular schedule of meetings that people can attend/participate in.

Mr. Glazier said that Ms. Howard indicated that Eastern Michigan University would be able to provide a machine on which he could set up a mailing list server. This would be used to communicate with those individuals who want to keep up-to-date with the efforts to start the community network. Mr. Glazier said he would call Ms. Howard to see if the resources were still available at EMU to host the list server.

The next meeting was scheduled for either Tuesday, January 3, 1995 at 5:30 p.m. or later or Friday, January 6, 1995 at 5:30 p.m. or later at the Washtenaw County Annex building.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Stanger, Secretary