HVCN Scheduled Upgrade

Notice of Scheduled hardward and software upgrades for HVCN - Scheduled for Jan 24, 2008.


The migration is complete and HVCN services have been restored. We are now running on the upgraded software described below. Maintainers of web sites on HVCN may resume normal activity. Remember that sftp, ssh and scp users will now see a new host key on the upgraded machine, and will have to accept it before connection can be established.

Thank you for your patience.


HVCN's server has not had a software update in two year (Feb 2, 2006) and the hardware has not been upgraded in six years (Jan 2, 2002). The hardware was becoming a limited resource, especially the main memory, and at the same time the disk storage was showing signs of wear, as the companion server's disk failure made clear. It was therefore way overdue for this upgrade and update.


The upgrade took less than two hours, but we did encounter a problem with mailing list processing once we came up on the new server. The result of this problem is that the person posting to the mailing list may have gotten their attempt to post rejected if the mail was sent between 9AM and 1PM today. The problem was corrected at that time.

Hardware Upgrade

Software Upgraded

Although it has been extensively tested, this upgrade was a complex one, and problems have occurred. However, the problems we know of have been fixed. Nevertheless, others may appear unexpectedly. Further testing continues. If you encounter a problem, please send all of the details to webmaster@hvcn.org.

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